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    Next 1/59


    Been waiting for this in the anime and Ishikai nalied it.

    This and Namsong butt attack is all I care about today.

    my reaction:

    (via moe-overload)

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    August 31 2014
    Post tags: Kageyama hq!! personal BAbyyyyyyyyyy I love him XD what happened to you you were so cute when you were a kid... why why what happened kageyama???????????????

    big fan of your breathtaking art btw :) you should do more kagehina
    by maronater


    thank you so much shfdhfds ;v; <3

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    August 28 2014
    Post tags: maronater

    I know this shouldn’t be important but but for the reason I gave here it really makes me happy ;___;

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    August 27 2014
    Post tags: Personal tumblr hq!! happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    by hikui

    ahhdashgfhaghSHASGHDSGHjdgjdjgdfjJDGDFG AAAAAA


    1. Killua is my childhood’s first love and I’ll never forget him because shdhdsf ( I really really want to watch the new hunter x ;___;)

    2. It makes me SO HAPPY to see that people actually like my kagehina fanarts because let’s face it, my tumblr is suddenly becoming like 90% hq!! and for that reason I really was expecting a lot of people unfollowing me but it never happened ;____________________;

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    August 27 2014
    Post tags: okay I'm gonna cry hikui

    Will you ever draw Mino and Taehyun, NamSong (WINNER) pairing again? It was ssooooo nice!
    by Anonymous

    yes yes definitely I’m currently SO obsessed with Winner dhfhdfdg and thank youu ;A;

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    August 27 2014
    Post tags: Anonymous

    No, you dont need to stop drawing the baka duo. In fact, you need to draw more *nod nod* I just adore your doodles, theyre so adorable and your style is so cute. Wish my doodles looked like that hahah :D
    by silencedmoment

    ahshdsd thank you so muuchh!! 

    9:36 pm     6 notes
    August 27 2014
    Post tags: silencedmoment

    *sings "that man" to you* Hahaa omg your Kagehina/Secret Garden comic is so perfect XD Can't stop laughing ^-^
    by pushpulldynamics

    I started to sing the song while answering this hahshasd Thank you so much!!! ;u;

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    August 27 2014
    Post tags: pushpulldynamics

    Someone tell me how to stop drawing these dorks please

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    August 25 2014
    Post tags: Haikyuu!! kagehina kageyama tobio hinata shouyou hq!! fanart comic l always draw them while listening to winner it's winner's fault you see I enjoy this ship too much it's ridiculous can't stop won't stop asgahgdshfgdshgfsgdfh




    also you have no idea how I feel whenever I think about the fact that you ship kagehina and draw them SADHHDF  no, I can’t AaSAGHFSDG

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    August 24 2014

    I came here to say you that I love you very very much, you're super talented, super cute and nice, and of course, pretty. I'm so thankful I got the chance to meet you, and even when at that time we had our 'differences', I feel I gained the best prize, which is your friendship (wow how do you still tolerate me?) And and I'm writing in english because I want everybody to know this, no matter what because hell yeah. So, keep being awesome and doing the things that make you happy (◡‿◡✿) and shine!!
    by mishy

    you, youuu youuu yOU I CAN’T EVEN WRITE. I Swear I’ve been trying to write something for like 10 minutes and all I can think about is THAT I LOVE YOU and you have no idea how much and don’t even understand how glad I’m to have met you and to be your friend.

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    August 23 2014
    Post tags: Hermosa no tienes ideaaaaaaa mishy

    Based on this Big Bang parody of my favorite dorama Secret Garden. This was my friend’s Kagehina request ( timonboo ) !! I drew this last night at 3 am and couldn’t stop laughing dsfghsdf 

    11:13 pm     880 notes
    August 23 2014
    Post tags: Haikyuu!! hq!! kagehina hinata shouyou kageyama tobio big bang secret garden Fanart This is the best thing I've drawn adadgfdf I couldn't stop until I finished it ahdaghsfadsfdf btw I have more request but because of uni I haven't been able to finish them ;_; I'll upload them as soon as I can!

    You are making me seriously contemplate watching Haikyuu since you draw it so nicely and you make it seem so cute ahh
    by lemon-sniff

    hsdhf aaah ;v; that was my plan from the beginning ok no but, you should really give it a try! Haikyuu is basically about sport (of course), friends, happiness, more happiness, and lots and lots of messages about effort and hardwork. And not less important, THERE ARE SO MANY COOL CHARACTERS YOU CAN’T EVEN CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE ONE. Like, you can find cute boys, cute girls, tall boys being absolutely idiots, short boys being badass, etc.This is definitely one of my favorite aspects of the series btw!


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    August 23 2014
    Post tags: haikyuu Haikyuu!! HQ!! replies lemon-sniff PLUS THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT THE FUCKING CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IN THIS SERIES IS AMAZING Look at kageyama baby he is such a great character it hurts

    koldkat replied to your post “i miss your riren”

    /whispers/ i miss it too and i love your art anyway so no matter what you draw it’s okay.


    12:09 am     9 notes
    August 20 2014
    Post tags: koldkat you YOU ARE SO CUTE THANK YOU

    i miss your riren <3
    by mizozoh

    AAhhdhsgfh ADHSFHDG

    I’m going to cry… 

    4:01 pm     8 notes
    August 19 2014


    Screenshoot redraw collab with Caro yellowshootingstars (*^▽^)/

    From epi 17. It’s our fav scenes ♡

    (via mizozoh)

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    August 18 2014
    Post tags: Hq!! collab fanart my art redraw First time doing this! I was really happy after colouring I almost never use colors in my drawings but now I'm little by little getting used to them It really impresses me how much I enjoyed colouring It was a really challenging but fun collab Kageyama drawing still doesn't convince me though ;u; both of them are really difficult to draw but I still enjoy drawing them :) let's do this agaaaaaaaaaaaaain &lt;3