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    HQ!! new episode made me smile/cry as always so I drew this

    HQ!! new episode made me smile/cry as always so I drew this

    10:28 pm      351 notes
    July 27 2014
    Post tags: haikyuu!! hq!! hinata shouyou kageyama tobio Kagehina Fanart beautiful episode please watch this show it's so beautiful aaah I also started to use some advice from the art book I'm currently reading and it helped me a lot ;A;

    A cliché elementary school love story I drew last night.

    A cliché elementary school love story I drew last night.

    12:03 am      207 notes
    July 21 2014
    Post tags: haikyuu!! HQ!! kageyama tobio hinata shouyou Kagehina no but really kagehina is literally elementary school romance it's so cute it reminds me of me when I was like 9 years old and I loved a kid who looked like kageyama wait does that mean I was hinata? shdhsd omg what am I even saying anyways I'm so in love with them everything is pure and canon and cute and adorable and beautiful and more love

    Don't know if you still doing the "talk about" thing, but 2 and 22?
    by Anonymous

    Yeah, sure!

    2: Talk about your first kiss.

    I was just a kid by then, and I kissed this boy I really liked and found it so disgusting that I broke up with him like a week later. I was just a kid hadgsahfefdf

    22: Talk about your worst fear.

    Currently, I would say that my worst fear is losing the people I love the most. I’ve lost many important people lately and it’s been very painful. Now I can’t stop thinking I don’t want to lose those people I love so much.. like my family or my friends. I sometimes feel so scared of loving someone too much and then losing them. It’s really complicated… to love.

    6:34 pm     3 notes
    July 19 2014

    Some Haikyuus!! pasteless drew for me and some Kanekis I drew for her.

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    July 19 2014
    Post tags: tokyo ghoul kaneki ken HQ!! haikyuu!! kageyama tobio hinata shouyou Fanart my art arttrade

    Wow i really love your art! Your a really big inspiration to me :>
    by constrain-the-fire


    aAAAAAH you make me blush thank you so much dear  ;///;

    3:52 pm
    July 19 2014

    Si hay tantas personas hermosas en este mundo ¿Por qué permites que una sola te destruya la vida? Somos muchos los que te queremos y hay muchos otros que se mueren por conocerte, pero llegarán a su debido tiempo. No sufras por personas que solo pasarán un par de segundos por tu vida, no lo merecen, porque ellos en ningún momento piensan en tu felicidad solo piensan en la suya. Ánimos! Eres bonita, inteligente y talentosa! Claramente la envidia mueve a los individuos que te atormentan.
    by Anonymous

    no tienes idea cuantas veces leí esto para tratar de grabar tus palabras en mi cabeza o algo así mientras las leía. Realmente me hizo pensar, porque sé que tienes razón. Hoy me dí cuenta que pese a todo.. efectivamente tengo gente hermosa a mi alrededor que sé cuanto me apoya y me aprecia.. y es tan tonto de mi parte prestarle más atención a esta persona en particular más que en gente como tú.. que me hace sentir tan feliz y acompañada. 

    Al leer esto en la pega, de verdad sentí que tengo que dejar de hacerme la sorda/ciega. Es hora de cerrar esta página, empezar denuevo, y darle la importancia a la gente que realmente se lo merece. De verdad gracias. De verdad infinitas gracias por tu mensaje. Me sacó una sonrisa mientras lo leía y a la vez me recordó a dos personas más que me dijeron algo similar ayer… realmente quiero escuchar esta vez.

    12:07 am     8 notes
    July 16 2014

    HQ!! and KageHina drawings I did during this week <3

    The last one is a parody I dedicated to my friend timonboo  about this image of Kageyama which reminded me of Minho from Winner shfhgdf 

    7:10 pm     490 notes
    July 13 2014
    Post tags: HQ!! kagehina haikyuu!! kageyama tobio hinata shouyou fanart mis bebeeeeeeeeeeeeeés son terrible lindos my art song minho winner

    I LOVE YOUR DRAWINGS WOW YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION. I came by and was wondering what sketchbook you recommend? :)
    by Anonymous


    and I…I’m a bit ignorant with types of paper, sketchbooks..and art stuff in general?? so all I can tell you is that this is my favorite one :’) 

    5:17 pm
    July 11 2014

    your blog is amazing!!
    by rev-is-missing

    gdfhdfh aaah THANK YOUUU! :’DD

    4:18 pm
    July 11 2014

    oh that's sad, your style is kinda mature-ish, it's perfect. But oh well, I hope someday you like it, it'd be so awesome.
    by Anonymous

    oohh ;__; calling my style mature-ish made me really happy! thank you! :’)

    2:00 pm
    July 11 2014

    Hey! cuanto tiempo. como has estado? :3 vi algunos dibujitos tuyos y aproveche de revisar tu tumblr. Me da paja iniciar sesion (?) jamas adivinaras quien soy xDDDD ok,no.
    by Anonymous

     wajajajajade verdad no sé quien eres!!! sdhfghsfshdfgd y muy bien!! :) 

    1:42 pm
    July 11 2014

    I love how you draw Levi, oh man I wish you could ship other Levi ships (like EruRi) they would look so GOOD in your style
    by Anonymous

    aaah I feel so flattered anon! ;v; thank you very much!

    Unfortunately, I have tried to read eruri stuff but nope. I guess it’s just not my thing.

    I’ll draw some Eruris for a friend soon though, so who knows maybe I’ll submit the skethes here in the future? I can’t promise anything anyway! :c

    11:31 am
    July 11 2014

    what are your favourite mediums to use to draw? (such as like black pens, markers, or water colour) what tools do you use to create your beautifulnessprettyholy art?
    by Anonymous

    (I forgot to answer thiiis jsadhjdsf ;-;) I love using Gel-Ink pens, sharpie markers and traditional pencils (4b and 6b). you can see my babies here:

    11:21 am     10 notes
    July 11 2014

    ive never seen yr art on my dash before until now... WHERE HAVE U BEEN ALL MY LIFE
    by ryn-dere

    fsdfhsdfgsdsf why u so adorableee 

    5:44 pm     2 notes
    July 10 2014

    omg pretty please could you post the levi portrait by itself! (I don't ship ereri :o )
    by Anonymous


    No problem! :) 

    3:02 pm     135 notes
    July 10 2014
    Post tags: levi snk shingeki no kyojin Fanart